“This great Norwegian musician has with Electrocutango obtained a totally irreproachable and refined version of new tango in this 21st century.”

– Horacio Ferrer, Buenos Aires 2011

“Taking tango on a journey into the symphonic world is a challenge that Sverre has accepted and taken to the highest level. Personally, I’d say this work is one of the best (if not the best) to date.”

– Juan José Mosalini, Paris 2017

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Slynger julen inn

Hovedøen Social Club is a bizzarre group from Norway dedicated to Contrafactive Musichistory-Simulation. That means reconstructing music from the historic events that never took place. Like Norway suddenly letting go of Sweden, floating down to the Caribbean. To put it more apprehensible: Hovedøen Social Club play popular music (mainly norwegian) as if it was from […]

Con cierto toque de tango

Con cierto toque de tango – “With a certain touch of tango” Sverre Indris Joner is regarded an expert on most kinds of Latin American music in Norway. In the 1990s he and the tango-quartet with the beguiling name Tango for 3 swept away listeners all over Norway and abroad with Argentine tangos and their […]