Joners first assignment with film-music was in 1986. Since then he has done film scores within a variety of expressions/styles – from electronic soundscapes to chamber-music scores, from Balkan brassband to opera. He has also composed music for various theatre and ballet-productions.

He studied music at the University of Oslo, including course in film-music composition by professor Olav-Anton Thommesen at Norwegian state-academy of Music and additional course at Lillehammer College in Film-Scoring. As well as courses in filmsound-engineering in the days of analog equipment.

Sverre Indris Joner is a multifaceted composer, musician and orchestra-leader who has careers in a variety of stylistic directions in addition to a number of scores for short-, documentary- and featurefilms, ballet and theatre. The most remarkable is his career in Argentine tango, with several CD released in Buenos Aires (Electrocutango) getting the the honorary title ”Academico Correspondiente” in the Argentine Tango-Academy, and with Cuban salsa playing Beethoven and Mozart as salsa with the national opera-orchestra in Havana (Clasicos a lo Cubano) and ending on the #1 one on the wold-music sales list in Mexico.

Founder of a number of bands and project related to latin-american music a long with a career writing for and playing with renowned symphony orchestras, both for recordings and concerts. Participating as arranger, composer, soloist and/or conductor with all Norwegian orchestras, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Munchen Rundfunk Orchester, Deutsche KammerPhilharmonie to mention a few.

Joner also has a strange trademark, namely “Counter-factive music-history simulation.”  Transforming music as different as ABBA or Britney Spears and Tschaikovsky or Beethoven into salsa or tango. Such exersizes sadly often end up having neither the swing/beat of the rhythmic/ethnic genre nor the subtle nuances of the orchestral composition. But Joner puts his honor into avoiding such cheap/bad-taste solutions commiting these “dubious activities”. The result can be found on YouTube etc. Even in this showreel!

Soundcloud audio showreel

Soundcloud extended audio showreel