Con cierto toque de tango – symphonic tango

“Kraggerud is outstanding, sultry and incisive by turns in a smart work which deserves to be a popular classic.”
“Brilliant – few recent discs have made me smile so much as this one”.
– Graham Rickson,

“. . . Joner has an original voice within the expected paradigms for the idiom. Very appealing.”
– T MOORE, American Record Guide

“The originality of Joner is evident in this lovely recording. But not only is it original. This CD contains works of great contrast and depth”
– “The mixture of Nordic spontaneity with Argentine ease makes this approach so unique and, at the same time, so attractive.”“Joner’s musical ideas merely enrich and elevate tango to a higher level.”
– Núria Serra, magazine

The concert on NRK, live TV, available for streaming

Sverre Indris Joner is regarded an expert on most kinds of Latin American music in Norway. In the 1990s he and the tango-quartet with the beguiling name Tango for 3 baffled listeners all over Norway and
abroad with Argentine tangos and their startling tango versions of familiar composers.

Now Joner and the Norwegian Radio orchestra have recorded an album of his orchestral music, with Henning Kraggerud and members of the quartet as soloists. Joner’s musical palette covers a myriad of Latin American realms of expression, but on this release he offers insight into the world of tango music as seen through his eyes. Hence the title Con cierto toque de tango — with a certain hint of tango.
Sverre Indris Joner is an exceptionally active composer, orchestra leader and musician. In his projects
and bands he normally prefer to remain in the background, but under the names Hovedøen Social Club, Tango for 3,  Electrocutango and TanGhost his music has been successful far outside Norway.

Tango for 3 consists of Per Arne Glorvigen (bandoneon), Odd Hannisdal (violin) and Steinar Haugerud (double bass), in addition to Joner himself on piano. The ensemble was founded in 1986 and was the first in Norway to specialize in Argentine tango.

Henning Kraggerud, violinist and composer, performs regularly with many of the world’s leading orchestras and at important international festivals.
The Norwegian Radio Orchestra is known and cherished throughout the land and regarded by musicloving
Norwegians with a unique combination of respect and affection. Owing to its remarkably diverse repertoire, it is doubtless the orchestra heard most often around the country.

The renowned bandoneonist and founder of bandoneon-education i Europe, Juan Jose Mosalini, wrote a rather positive review for the liner notes of the CD.

“It’s 28 years since I first got to know Sverre Indris Joner, when he invited me to record an LP with his trio: bass, violin and piano (“Tango for 3”). I was struck by his talent and knowledge of the language of tango and we managed to tap into the pulse of the genre together effortlessly.  Over the course of time, he has shown me his talent as a composer, arranger and pianist. I was fortunate enough to premiere his composition Vino y se fue with my orchestra, and both the musicians and the audience alike were unanimous in their appreciation of the originality and quality of the work, which you will also find on this recording.  You can imagine my sense of curiosity and admiration when I recently discovered this outstanding CD. It contains works of great contrast and depth, and his treatment of the symphony orchestra is reflected in the exceptional quality of the interpretations of the soloists and of course the diligence of the conductor and the orchestra as a whole.  Taking tango on a journey into the symphonic world is a challenge that Sverre has accepted and taken to the highest level. Personally, I’d say this work is one of the best (if not the best) to date.

Tango has been inherited from people and cultures from all over the world. Although it grew out of the Rio de la Plata area between Montevideo and Buenos Aires, musicians from all corners of the globe these days are producing creative tango works of enormous importance. As with all genres music, there is nothing more important than loving it and immersing oneself in the universe of its style and sound.

Sverre shows full commitment as well as an innate knowledge of tango. His deep admiration for a number of important musicians, such as Horacio Salgan, shines through in his work. I can personally vouch for the quality of his creative compositional work and his music undoubtedly holds a privileged place in the genre of tango.  As a humble musician, bandoneonist and performer, and in the name of the tango, I say a big thanks to you Sverre Indris Joner for your huge contribution!”

Thanks to norwegian artist Lars Elling who has given his kind permission to use his paintings as cover-art.