Detailed CV

Sverre Indris Joner has composed and arranged music for numerous band under own direction (Electrocutango, Hovedøen Social Club, Tango for 3, La Descarga) mostly within different latin genres.

Composes, produces and arranges music for film, television, theatre, dance and CDs for other artists.

Works frequently as composer and arranger for chamber- and symphony-orchestras in several european countries, where he often figure ar soloist w/one of his bands.

Outside Norway he collaborates with singer Julia Zenko and with choreographer/dancer Pablo Verón (Buenos Aires) Helene Blackburn (Canada) in various projects. He also collaborates with cuban bass-player Carlos del Puerto (Irakere) in the symphonic salsa-project ”Clasicos a lo cubano” that is particularly popular on YouTube.

Studied music at the University of Oslo, Norway and has done several journeys in Latin-America: Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Cuba. In particular he has been studying afro-cuban percussion. Has also taken courses and private classes in filmmusic-composition, orchestration, sound-engineering and computer-music programming.

Awards, Prices and Grants

- Honorary title ”Academico Correspondiente” from the National Tango Academy in Buenos Aires by director and poet Horacio Ferrer, Argentina 2011.

- The EDVARD-award 2005 for “best music for other artform”(for the theatre-piece Tanghost) by TONO (Norwegian Composers Copyright Bureau).

- The Kardemomme-award 2002 by NOPA (Norwegian Popular Composers Union).

- All 3 CDs by Tango for 3 nominated for the “Spellemannprisen”.

- 3 compositions from the CD "Con cierto toque de tango" nominated for best contemporary piece at The Norwegian Music-Publisher Price 2017.

Selected works

Commisioned compositions (see also other categories CD, Theatre, Film, Ballett)

- Impressions from Brasil - Maxixe for symphony-orchestra and soloists. Premiere TBA

- A bailar y gozar con la sinfonica…! Guajira for symphony-orchestra and soloists.  Premiere TBA.

- Four Seasonings (Quattro Formaggi) - commisioned by Gustavo Tavares. Concerto for cello, strings and basso continuo. Spring 2016. Premiere TBA.

- ”Julie” - piece for symphony orchestra – premiered by KORK (Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra) january 2016.

- ”Who killed the tango?” – crossdicipline project for Elecotrocutango, dancers, video. Work in progress.

- ”Homo Ludens” – suite for SISU percussion-ensemble – 2016. Premiere TBA.

- ”Con cierto toque de tango” – violin concert commisioned by Hugo Ticciati & oModernt Festival (Stockholm) First performed 9. of june 2013. Recorded by Henning Kraggerud & KORK 2016.

- ”Mil vias” – string-serenade for chamberorchestra, premiere by Oslo Camerata sept 2012.

- ”Concordancia de cuerdas” for guitar and violin commisioned by A Corda duo, May 2011.

- ”Millenum Tango” - Music for danceshow composed in collaboration with choreographer Pablo Veron, Buenos Aires, jan 2012, premiere TBA.

- ”San Pedro en la milonga” for Harp and Bandoneon commisioned by the Rokseth siblings. nov 2009.

- ”Concerto Grosso” for tango-quartet and orchestra. First performed with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra under Rolf Gupta 12. of March 2009.

- ”Vino y se fue” – contemporary tango commisioned by Tangueros del Norte. Recorded on their first CD “Inspiracion”. Dec. 2008.

- ”Valserita” for cello and piano for duo with Gustavo Tavares 2007.

- Composed the whole repertoir for the live-band Electrocutango (see CD).

Dysfunctional dancemusic for unemployed academics” for cello & piano. Commissioned by Øystein Birkeland 2005.

Sin miedo” for big band first performed by DNBE windensemble 2005.

Tangere humanum est” commissioned by Rikskonsertene for the norwegian trio «Poing» and 2 musicians from Estonia 2002.

Mi viejo Dolor” for symphony orchestra. First performed by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra 2001. Direction: Christian Eggen. Revised edition for quartet and symphony orchestra first performed by Deutsche Kammer-Philharmonie in Bremen under direction of Josep Pons.

Den evige forbikjøring” (”The eternal overtaking”) commissioned by Danish Saxophone Quartet with 2 percussionists. First performed art-gallery Louisiana, Denmark 2000.

Que salgan del lio” composed/arranged for Juan José Mosalinis tango orquesta tipica, Paris 2000.

4 miniature songs with texts by Poul Sørensen for mixed choir (SATB) 1988.

Music for feature films

A somewhat gentle man” (En ganske snill mann). Directed by Hans Petter Moland. Paradox 2010. Composed/arranged the main theme ”Cuban Sugar” as recorded by Munchner Rundfunk Ochestra & Klazz Brothers.

 “Sofies world (Sofies verden). Directed by Erik Gustavson. NRK Drama 1999 (ending sequence).

 “Scars” (Glasskår) Directed by Lars Berg. Produced by Chinematograph (Oslo) 2002. Award-winner on festivals in Berlin, Haugesund, Montevideo and Chicago.

 Music for Documentary/Short-film/TV/Radio

A dignified death” (”En verdig død”) documentary by Truls Aagedal and Kristina Valheim 2015.

The last Sandbakken” (”den siste Sandbakken”) Autobiographic documentary by Lars Sandbakken 2015.

”Adult fan of LEGO” Documentary by Jørgen Egner Granerud 2015.

Balder” Romantic comedy-short about horses. Directed by Aamund Johannssen 2014.

The perfect dance” directed by Anne Elvedal. Short dancefilm in multiple genres feb. 2013.

Waterlilies in bloom” directed by Emil Stang Lund. Score based on a theme by Bizet (Pearldiver aria) incl. A balkan-brass-version… 2011.

The prince of chess” (Prinsen av sjakk). Documentary directed by Øyvind Asbjørnsen 2005.

Neighbour” (Nabo). Short film directed by Lars Berg 2000.

A devil in the closet” (En djevel i skapet). Short film directed by Lars Berg 1998. (Award winner for best Children Short in Berlin Film Festival).

Welcome” (Velkommen). Short film 1998, Directed by Aamund Johannessen, Sisyfos Prod. Nominated for the Amanda Film Award (Norway)1998.

From Bærum to Bangladesh”. (Fra Bærum til Bangladesh) Documentary directed by Anne Berit Vestby 1997.

Sparkling Green” (Grønn Glitter) Short film directed by Kristin Hauksdottir 1996.

Fish & Microchips” (Fisk & Microchips). Short film directed by Lars Tømmerbakke, Studio Magica 1996.

The invisible book” (Den usynlige boken). Short film produced by Sverre Pedersen, Studio Oslo 1986.

Music for various commercials by Easy Film (Copenhagen), Northern Lights, Moland Film, Cylinder, Lighthouse and eMotion (Oslo) 1994-07.

jingles for 3 productions in Norwegian Broadcasting Company, (NRK) both in radio and TV for programs “Wok”, «Medienytt» and «Kulturekko».


- ”Lullaby” – dancetheatre-performance with live music for Panta Rei Dance Company sept 2015. Choreography Anne Ekenes, Pia Holden & Helene Blackburn.

Composed traditional and electronica-tango for show ”MIllenium Tango ” concert & dance-performance by dancer/coreographer Pablo Veron. Premiered in Buenos Aires (Argentina)/San Remo (Italy) 2013.

Composed electronica-tango ”Nexus” for fusion tango-dance-video by dancer/coreographer Pablo Veron (Buenos Aires) on YouTube 2012.

Composed and co-written musictheatre-piece ”Et par tre herrer med bart”,  comedy about Hitler and Chaplin - commisioned by Bodø Sinfonietta. Written in collaboration with actors Johannes Joner and Kristoffer Joner (For the theatre-group “Joner & Joner & Joner”). Premiere in Bodø Cultural House nov 2007.

Composed music for dance-theatre by Kjersti Alveberg “@lice”. Tour by Riksteateret/Riskkonsertene in Norway spring 2008.

Composed electronicatango music for Tanghost; an interpretation of Ibsens “Ghost” by Per-Olav Sørensen. Performed on an international tour 2004.

Arranged and co-arranged music for Tango for 3´s acclaimed show «Tangotanko» performed at Scene West, Oslo 1999.

Music and lyrics for the childrens-play «Joner&Joner&Joner» performed at Oslo Nye Teater and Chat Noir 2000.

Music for the play «Mater Nexus» by Lene Therese Teigen, House of stories, Oslo. Performed at Det Åpne Teater, Oslo 2001.

Arranged music for Mari Maurstads show «Det glade mariritt» Scene West, Oslo 2001.

Played as part of a duo doing the music at The National theatre on “The Three Penny Opera” by Brecht, directed by Svein Sturla Hugnes.

Music for tango-trio for theatre-piece “Blåveispiken” by Elsa Kvammes Teater. Performed at Det Norske Teater 1992 and Riksteateret 1993.

Orchestrations/Composed interpretations (Excerpts)

- Commisioned orchestrations for bands/artist and symphony orchestra (Emel Mathlouthi & Violet Road) 2016.

- Repertoire of orchestrations for chamber-orchestra and cuban sextet from pre-revolution-era cuban music (danzon, chachacha and mambo) for the show ”El Floridita”. Premiered at Riksscenen in Oslo january 2016.

- New orchestrations of 4 pieces (Victoriosa,Valserita, Retrolonga & Vino y se fué) recorded by KORK - Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra january 2016.

- Re-interpretations of Monteverdi for saxophone-quartet, tango-quartet and tango-singer Julia Zenko for oModernt Festival in Stockholm june 2012.

- Four pieces orchestrated for DNBE windensemble and tango-quartet – (Retrolonga, Candonga, Lejania, Agua mansa) oct. 2011.

- 3 arrangements for Kristiansand Symphony orchestra´s project ”The future is un-heard” 2011 og 2012.

- Arrangement in cuban style of excerpts from the ”Goldbergvariations” (Bach) for Chamber-ensemble for the swedish festival oModernt 2011.

- 8 symphonic arrangements of the repertoir of Hovedøen Social Club oct. 2009. Performed on television with The Norwegian broadcasting Orchestra KORK.

3 arrangements of argentine tangos for the Engegård string-quartet oct. 2009.

3 arrangements for double-bass and violin commisioned by Atle Sponberg and Knut Erik Sundquist. March 2009.

12 new “cubanized” arrangements of norwegian popular tunes for the 2. CD of Hovedøen Social Club – “¡Ay Caramba!” april 2009.

Mamboversion of Prince`s (or the artist formerly known as Prince) Kiss

Norwegian folk-tune “Fanteguten” arranged as salsa for female vocal-quintet Pitsj . Jan 2009.

13 arrangements of (mainly) Piazzolla for chamber-orchestra commisioned by The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra w/ soloists. May 2008.

9 “cubanized” arrangements of norwegian popular tunes for the 1. CD of Hovedøen Social Club – ¡Que viva noruega!

4 arrangements for chamber-orchestra commisioned by Musikk i Nordland (2006).

Arrangements for symphonic band of 3 old cuban standards commisioned by DNBE – Det Norske Blåseensemble in Halden, Norway (2006).

An arrangement of Mahler 1. symphony (in 7/8!) for the jazz trio Klazzbrothers and Dresdner Symphonic Orchestra (2006).

Arrangements of several pieces from “Maria de Buenos Aires” by Piazzolla for Per Arne Glorvigen and Leipziger Streich-quartet /Vertavo string quartet (2005).

A humourus arrangement for 9 double-reed instruments (oboe, oboe d´amore, english horn, heckelphone, bassoon, contrabassoon) with the title “Le Masacre du cor anglais” with highlights (and downlights…) from the classical orchestra litterature (2004).

9 arrangements/orchestrations of classic themes played in concert by Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra (Dresden) and recorded for Sony Classic by Munchner Rundfunk Orchestra (Bayerische Rundfunk) and Klazz Brothers/Cuba Percussion. Munchen (2004). Symphonic Salsa

3 arrangements for cello, piano and bandoneon commissioned by Kirkelig Kulturverksted recorded by Åge Kvalbein. (2005).

2 arrangements for string-quartet and bandoneon commissioned by Alban Berg Quartet and Per Arne Glorvigen, Vienna, Austria (2003).

Orchestrations of 5 songs for Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra and Kristiansand String Swing Ensemble (2003).

2 arrangements for Herborg Kråkevik of melodies sung by Edith Piaf. Released on the CD “Eg og Edith”. Also used in the theatre-performance by same name, directed by Per-Olav Sørensen.

Orchestrations of the whole repertoir in 2 TV-productions of the Norwegian Broadcasting Orchestra (Kringkastingorkestret) – all latin american music – NRK 2002.

Orchestrations of 4 latin-american pieces for the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra 2001.

Orchestrations of 5 tangoes for the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra 1999 (“Symfonic tango”) for a collaboration with tangodancer Pablo VerÒn.

Various commissioned arrangements for Norwegian Concert Institute (Rikskonsertene) for different settings (mixed choir and tango quartet, piano-quintet [oboe, cello, soprano, piano and bandoneon], duo marimba/flute etc.).


Music-studies at the University of Oslo  82 - 84. (Storfag)

Course in Filmmusic-composisjon w/Olav Anton Thommesen.

lessons in afro-cuban percussion at the Concervatorio Cervantez i Havana, Cuba.

Studies of Media & Communication, University of Oslo 1989. (Grunnfag)

Courses in sound engineering  and sound-related work on film by Tom Sassebo and Magne Mikkelsen at the State Institute for film, Oslo (Statens studiesenter for Film).

Courses in computer-music at Institute for acoustics, music and tecnology, Oslo (NoTAM) 1994-03.

Private lessons in orchestration with Ragnar Søderlind.

1 year course at HIL (Lillehammer TV and filmcollege) in Film and TV-scoring 2015.


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