Slynger julen inn

Hovedøen Social Club

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Hovedøen Social Club is a bizzarre group from Norway dedicated to Contrafactive Musichistory-Simulation. That means reconstructing music from the historic events that never took place. Like Norway suddenly letting go of Sweden, floating down to the Caribbean. To put it more apprehensible: Hovedøen Social Club play popular music (mainly norwegian) as if it was from Havana in the 50ties!

Explaining the norwegian songetexts to foreigners is a too big project, but an observant listener will recognize the songs Sleighride, Jinge Bells, Frosty the snowman and Santa Claus is coming to town, in norwegian, with heavy cuban accent.

To please the international audience we have included some songs in english:

All i want for Christmas converted to a bigband-salsa piece featuring Silya Nymoen.

– Eartha Kitts hit Santa Baby is a groovy mambo-chachacha with singer Alexandra Joner.

When you wish upon a star has the voice of a famous duck, here disguised as ”Crispy Chrismas Duck in salsa”.