Showreel film-music

The showreel contains excerpts from the following films

A somewhat gentle man, feature film by Hans Petter Moland (main theme by Joner)
Neighbour, short film by Lars Berg (cello played by Øystein Sonstad)
Scars, feature film by Lars Berg
Waterlilies in bloom, short film by Emil Stang Lund
The prince of chess, documentary by Øyvind Asbjørnsen
A devil in the closet, short film by Lars Berg
ATM “Minibank”, commercial by Erik Gustavson
Balder, short film by Aamund Johannessen
Fish & microchips, short film by Lars Tømmerbakke
The perfect dance, artfilm by Anne Elvedal
My last wish, documentary by Truls Aagedal & Kristina Chap
Sophies world, feature film by Erik Gustavson (closing scene by Joner)